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In the scope of our portfolio, we offer design planning, delivery and assembling of double membrane gas holders to our clients. Our company cooperates with a market leader in the sphere of gas holder production.

Knowing that the gas holders are the most visible parts of the whole biogas plant, we supply our customers with gas holders of various colours and personalised with their company logo.

The production and delivery of our own components is also part of the offer, alongside:

- Filling gas level measurement in gas holder (it is possible to send results of constant measurement to the main control system)

- Fixing profiles (profiles used for anchoring and fixing of gas holder securing its gas-tightness)

- Central pillars (the design is based on static calculations taking all the acting forces into consideration and is adapted to double membrane gas holder assembling as well)

- Over and under pressure safety valves (securing reinforcement precisely tailored to biogas plant operation, intended to protect not only gas holders, but also the whole biogas plant)

- Gas connector pipes linking two fermenters, transition pipes, buffers (various partial products made from the highest-quality material, e.g. AISI 316)

- Complete gas distribution pipelines (over ground and underground gas distribution pipeline). Design planning of proper gas piping between all the gas tanks, gas treatment unit and cogeneration unit itself is considered to be a very important parameter where the most convenient line and type of pipes used need to be calculated.

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