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For every biogas plant, it is extremely important to secure an effective mixing system.


We provide our customers with a comprehensive plan and realisation of various mixing technologies.  The location of biogas plant construction and the mixed material are primary aspects in planning. This determines the specific design of mixing technology. Each biogas plant is designed according to its specific type of material. On that account, we always take the following into consideration:

- Efficiency of mixing cycle (the proper selection of agitators for sufficient material mixing – agitator must not be oversized or undersized)

- Operation economy (goal of every operator is to decrease his own consumption; therefore, the electric power of agitator has to be optimum in order to achieve economical parameters)

- Characteristics of the material used (to enhance life-time and durability of agitator and its structure we use high-quality materials and production processes. The material used for agitator structure is INOX 304L or 316L, the body of agitator is made of high-quality alloy and its propeller is made of HARDOX or  INOX 304 L)

- Costs for operating and servicing (due to use of quality materials, the costs for servicing are decreased to a minimum – in the initial 3 years period, only a visual inspection is necessary).

We design and offer agitators for all location and tank types i.e. for preparatory tanks, fermenters with double membrane gas holder or with reinforced concrete ceiling, ending stocks or lagoons.

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